Scarves in the Winter

So many people that I talk to think that the winter time can get pretty stale in terms of wardrobes to choose from, in part because most people are relying on a small subset of coats and boots to wear as the staples of their outfits.

However, there is one element to winter clothing that is severely underrated and that is the scarf.

Wearing scarves in the winter is a game-changer for those who want to add new and exciting looks and create seemingly brand new wardrobes in an instant.

A great thing about the scarf is that it is super lightweight and can be easily stored in your closet.

The fact that they have such a small footprint means that you can store upwards of ten or twenty scarves in your closet if you so desire.

And all of this means that you have plenty of options to choose from.

Because scarves are typically the top of your wardrobe (unless you are wearing some sort of headwear), they instantly become the focal point for your outfit as a whole.

So instead of thinking to yourself that you only have three coats and therefore are stuck with three distinct wardrobes, simply changing the scarf you wear over that coat gives the entire look a new feel, essentially creating a brand new wardrobe.

And again, because you can easily have numerous scarves on hand, this means numerous wardrobes to rely on – much more than previously thought!

The type of scarves you use also plays a big role in how they get incorporated into your fashion choices.

If you are not typically in a particularly cold climate that requires scarves, you may not be able to use larger scarves that would make you too warm as a whole to wear on a regular basis.

However, there are plenty of thinner scarves that are available that can be worn almost anywhere in the United States (except maybe Hawaii).

These scarves are perfect for those who want the added style and personality to their wardrobe, without necessarily the practical benefit of getting warmer.

For those who live in colder climates, lucky for you is the fact that you can use larger scarves as well.

And when I say larger scarves, I typically mean thicker scarves that ultimately are more voluminous, which helps to add even more color and style to your wardrobe, but also can beautiful accentuate the neck and head area if worn properly.

In general, scarves should be worn in a way that makes it the focal point of the ensemble – it doesn’t necessarily need to stand out to the point of becoming an eye sore, but it should definitely be an article of clothing that draws considerable attention to the average person looking at you.

Until global warming makes winters obsolete, there will always be a need for cute and amazing winter ensembles.

Just make sure to remember that any good winter ensemble can be made even better with the perfect scarf!