Knee-High Boots

One of the many reasons we dress up as women is to attract men into our lives.

In particular, if we are single, we often want to be able to draw men’s attention that we may come across in public, whether that be in a mall or out on the town.

And although there are plenty of things we can do to draw attention to ourselves and make ourselves more attractive to potential mates, nothing takes the cake in my humble opinion than knee-high boots.

These boots just scream “Look at me” and “Look how sexy I look” like no other singular piece of article of clothing can (within reason – obviously a bikini would beat that by a mile, but such an article of clothing should only be worn at the beach and not really anywhere else).

If you walk down the street with knee high boots, the sheer size of the boots themselves will draw everyone’s attention, whether they are male or female.

Men in particular who see those boots will also notice something as a direct result: your legs.

The legs are so sexy on a women and when they become the main focus on your body, it can really put men into a spell.

However, so often men don’t notice women’s legs simply because most legs and what is covering them do not stand out as clearly as other aspects of a woman, such as their hair or their breasts.

It also doesn’t help matters that most women cover their legs either with jeans or yoga pants (the latter which is definitely a cute look overall, but not something that particularly accentuates the legs themselves).

Bring in knee-high boots – since not a lot of women have the audacity to wear such sexy boots in public, they have become an article of clothing that immediately draws attention as a result.

Plus, if you really want to stand out, you can extend those basic knee-high boots to boots that extend beyond the knees and up into the thigh area.

However, such boots are not always as comfortable for some women, especially those who are still relatively new to wearing typical knee-high boots in general.

I personally would stick with knee-high boots (at least at first), and then try taller boots if you feel so inclined later on.

And for those of you who are wary about wearing knee-high boots, I will let you in on a secret: They look good on just about all women!

So don’t be concerned about not looking sexy in them, because in all likelihood, you definitely will look great in them.

The only way to not look sexy in knee-high boots is if you don’t portray confidence when you are wearing them.

Having confidence in your outfit is so sexy to a guy, especially when paired with an objectively sexy outfit.

So if you want to try out knee-high boots for yourself, be sure that you absolutely own the look and guys will be checking you out just about everywhere you go!