M-65 US Field Jackets

With over 24,000 US military and naval personnel serving in the two World Wars, the M 65 field jacket is probably the most widely used US military type of jacket ever. It saw service in both World Wars and the Korean War. Its popularity was such that the Navy lined their sailors’ falls with M 65 jackets, as did the Army, which has such a jacket in its military stores to this day.

The original field jacket was developed in the 1940s to provide over-watch for US combat soldiers from low-light conditions. The original M65 field jacket was made fromstream-lines cloth along with a WCH (Water resistant Combat Uniform) of sorts. It was originally developed as combat trousers. The M 65 jacket was originally issued to the US Navy with a laminated visor, polyester liner, a roomy front pouch, a scooter-style geared windbreaker, W87 sleeves and an attached M65 backpack. These features have remained and some editions of the M 65 field jacket come with these features.

In the mid-1950s the M65 field jacket was re-voided and the first field jackets (labeled Fuchsia) were made. During the late 1950s the M65 field jacket and other US military items, such as the M1 and G1 (full suit uniform), also became more widely available to the local people. The M65 field jacket was re-styled yet again by the Navy after the Korean War of the 1950s. The first field jackets were made of a completely new material that was made of a lightweight synthetic brush knit. It was made to provide maximum performance with minimum unit weight while retaining rigidity and strength. The original M65 field jacket also incorporated the M1/G1 concept of simplicity.

The M 65 field jacket is no longer in service with the US military but it continues to be stocked by many surplus clothing merchants. It is best suited for urban sprawl sprawl wear in a cold city, where its original purpose was to keep the dirt cheap. But with many products now easily available in the global marketplace, it is now a fashionable outer garment to wear with jeans. In countries outside of North America it is now a fashionable outer garment to wear with suits in both European and American fashion. It features the classic mid-low height scnered down to mid-hip waist and fittings and a roll-up cuff that tells the wearer to approach with caution. For a slightly different twist on the M65 field jacket the Marine Corps issued it with a slight Mar spotting the shoulders and vests with epaulets.

The market for the field jacket has blossomed into a huge business and there are now many imitations available worldwide. So when you choose to buy your next field jacket you will have more options than ever before. Whether your desired is the original a styled A-2 field jacket, or something else, a wide variety of choices should be available for you to get the best value for your money. This is an investment buy, so stay out of the replica market. Always make your purchases from a reputable seller especially if you are looking for an authentic one. The price may vary according to factors like today’s rates and the design of the jacket along with other factors. But if it’s the only field jacket you need its a good idea to consider all factors before making your choice. Like always, be happy being fashionable rather than fashionable at all times. Remember, you are what you wear. So choose carefully and be happy that you have made a positive fashion decision for yourself.

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