Foot Files

For any good beauty routine, we ladies often think about the most prominent aspects of our body – things like our hair or our skin, or our teeth.

However, one overlooked aspect that definitely needs attention is our feet!

And to give our feet the attention that they deserve, we should definitely be treating ourselves with a high-quality foot file.

Foot files are basically files that remove skin from the bottom of our feet.

The bottom of our feet have a lot of skin (more so than any other part of our body) specifically because they need to go through the wear and tear of supporting our entire body weight for multiple hours in a day, and every day of the year.

Because of that wear and tear, our feet naturally become rough and coarse, especially the heels of our feet.

Now men typically don’t care about the smoothness of their feet (in fact it is probably considered masculine to have rough feet in general).

But for women, having rough feet is an absolutely nightmare.

If you don’t think so, just think about what a guy would think if you and he were to end up going home together, and he were to see your rough and “manly” feet as you take off your shoes.

It doesn’t look good – and this is something that many women don’t realize is a turn-off until they’ve been rejected multiple times by guys (in fact, most women don’t realize the feet are an issue because most guys don’t have the courage to tell us what the issue really was in the first place).

So yes, having smooth feet is very important when it comes to beautifying yourself as a woman.

And lucky for us, it doesn’t take all that much effort to keep our feet in good shape.

All it takes is a good foot file, and a few minutes every day, or even just a few minutes once a week, depending on how much wear and tear your feet see on a regular basis.

Foot files should be used regularly to smooth out any and all rough edges on the bottom of your feet so that your feet feel as soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom.

If you have calluses on the bottom of your feet, this is also where a foot file comes particularly in handy (if you thought rough feet were bad, just imagine a guy seeing a nasty callus on your feet instead).

Although it is not exactly rocket science when using a foot file, always be sure not to go overboard with your filing – filing your feet and trying to make it as smooth as possible can certainly be addicting, but removing too much skin can leave your feet in pain, and may potentially even draw blood if you go too far.

As long as you file your feet in relative moderation and only use your foot file to maintain your feet rather than to “sculpt” them, the end result will be silky smooth feet that complete your beauty regimen, making you feel absolutely flawless from head to toe – literally!