Thinx Underwear

Although I don’t typically fall into the trap of buying the latest new product on the market, Thinx underwear is different.

It is really a game-changer not only for my own life, but for other close friends and family in my life for whom I’ve recommended Thinx underwear too.

Plus, since I have an innate passion for fashion and clothing in general, I guess it sort of makes sense that I couldn’t resist taking the plunge and trying out Thinx underwear for myself.

And I have to say that I was hooked the first time I wore it!

For those of you who don’t know, Thinx underwear is essentially period-proof underwear.

It is a washable and reusable pair of underwear that actually absorbs your period and can be worn again and again.

For those of you who are conscious about the environment, Thinx underwear is a great alternative to using tampons or pads which constantly need to be worn and then thrown away.

However, that is just an ancillary point.

Because regardless of the environmental benefits to Thinx underwear, they are really just a well-designed and effective piece of clothing.

Thinx uses four unique layers in their underwear which allows them to do the dirty work of absorbing your flow, while at the same time keeping you comfortable while wearing them.

I was honestly so skeptical at first, but once I wore them for the first time while on my period, I immediately noticed that I literally couldn’t feel anything down there at all.

I felt completely dry and honestly after a few hours, completely forgot that I was using them!

Thinx is also advertised to seal your flow in, meaning you can wear your Thinx in just about any situation.

Although I haven’t actually tested this out for myself, I have read testimonials and it definitely sounds like Thinx are just as effective when working at the gym as they are while sitting motionless in your office at work.

Depending on your flow, Thinx can potentially completely replace your pads or tampons completely, which is honestly quick surprising to think about.

And even if you have a very heavy flow, they can also be worn just for added protection throughout the day.

Overall, I am completely satisfied with Thinx underwear, and am planning to order more very soon so that I can wear them every day.

Unlike many other products out there that are simply something that would be cool to have, I honestly believe that having Thinx underwear is an absolute necessity, especially for women who spend too much time thinking about their periods and how to deal with them.

With Thinx underwear, you have everything you need control your flow and take back control of your life.

Although this is not a full-fledged endorsement, I definitely recommend at least trying Thinx out for yourself if you are sick and tired of how you currently control your periods.

If you’re like me, or like thousands of other women who use Thinx, you won’t be disappointed!