Although there are so many different articles of clothing that I incorporate into my outfits, one article that I absolutely love as a girl who likes to keep things relatively simple while still looking fierce is the cardigan.

For those of you who don’t know, the cardigan is basically a knitted sweater that is open in the front.

There are no buttons or zippers or anything like that, which makes the cardigan a fairly simple piece of clothing.

Now because of the open front, you cannot just wear a cardigan as your top all on its own.

Instead, cardigans can and should be used as a way to layer your tops.

If you have a really cute tank top or even a nice t-shirt that needs a bit of flair, adding the cardigan creates precisely the look you need.

Because of the open front, you can still see the piece underneath very well, while still giving you the opportunity to show off the cardigan itself.

What I love about cardigans are their simplicity.

They almost act like a scarf in terms of being somewhat of an accessory item that needs to go with something else in order for it to work.

But just like scarves, even though cardigans need to be matched with another article of clothing, they can just as easily take the show and be the main piece of your ensemble, depending on what sort of look you are going for.

If you have never incorporated a cardigan into your wardrobe, one thing to keep in mind is that the cardigans that work best are those that are lighter in color (at least from my own personal experience).

Colors such as tan, or yellow or even a light grey all are fantastic colors for cardigans, and best of all, these colors work with a lot of other colors as a whole, making it easy for you to just buy one cardigan and use it in multiple ensembles.

Another thing to think about with cardigans is the opening of the cardigan itself, for which there are many stylistic choices you can make.

Although the most basic cardigan has a straight-cut for the openings itself, there are plenty of cardigans out there that are cut specifically to create a wavy opening, or an opening that is tapered for a certain affect (the tapering effect used is often linked to the length of the cardigan itself, but don’t worry – you can tell typically tell what looks best for any given cardigan just by looking at it).

Along the same lines, the length of the sleeves themselves is something to also consider when purchasing a cardigan.

Typically you can choose one that rests just past your elbows, or one that utilizes full arms-length sleeves.

No matter what cardigan you purchase, just keep in mind that cardigans can make you look absolutely fantastic, so long as you do not overdo it.

Keep the overall look relatively modest, and the cardigan will be the cherry on top that brings the entire outfit together!